Perfectly Imperfect

My name is Stacey.. buying a redbull excites me.
I drink wine a little bit a lot.
I love sleeping and apparently i sleep to much.
I hate pants something wicked! I can not stress that enough! Me/pants ..No thankyoubye.
I love music use to play piano and the trumpet ( Don't judge me i read music like a boss)
I am the biggest dreamer and very optimistic about most things in my life.
I had a critical illness and just about lost my life.. but it's made me the person i am today. I love to love hopeless romantic weirdo.
I am a gamer and id much rather sit at home with my wine gaming than be out clubbing. ( I do club time to time).
I watch a million shows and get attached to the charters.
I have the biggest crush on Seth Rogen haha.
Sushi make's my days and candy.
I live in New Zealand.
Feel free to ask me questions or whatever.
Good day,
I Said good day.